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Meet Dr. Curtis Martin

“Lead by example, follow by choice.”

I graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1997 and opened my first practice one year later.  It took a long time and a lot of work as I started out.  My clinic was open six days a week and I screened almost every night at the local gym.  I brought in a lot of patients, and soon realized that school never prepared me for managing those patients and building a practice.  I knew without proper mentorship it would be very difficult to actually be profitable.  In fact, I struggled for 3 years working nearly every day to make ends meet.   Barely able to pay the rent, I was more determined than ever to succeed.

When I found Dr. Baker I was scratching and clawing my way to $14,000 per month collections, and I decided it was time to make a change.   Flash forward 17 years, I work 3 mornings per week, love practicing, have less stress, an excellent family life, three thriving offices, passive income, and have served thousands of patients with excellent care.  As a kid from a small logging town I never dreamed that I would collect over $100,000 in one month, in one clinic!   Most importantly, I have a clear path of where I am headed, and the means to get there.

I know that if a guy who didn’t even think he would go to college can succeed at this level, you can too!  Realizing my dreams has given me the experience and passion to give back, coaching others to follow the New Beginnings recipe.  I am happy to coach over 30 clients, many collecting monthly over $100,000 on a regular basis.  I serve clients who are already doing well, and want to do better.  I also coach struggling Chiropractors; good doctors who, like myself so many years ago, were desperate to make ends meet.  If you have a heart full of passion for Chiropractic, a head full of entrepreneurial spirit, want to be a leader in your community, and know you were meant to be the best in your field, then New Beginnings is absolutely the right family for you.

We coach at a high level, work at a high level, and expect our D.C.s to always be striving for excellence.  Excellence is not an act, it is a habit, and that is what our coaching program directs you to create, excellent habits.  These skills apply to business development, human resources, marketing, quality of chiropractic care, patient management, and passive income.  You will hear us use the phrase that as you do anything is how you do everything.  As you hone your skills and habits, I fully expect the success you create to spill over into your personal life.  I expect it because this is exactly what has happened to me, and what I have watched unfold in my clients.

I am committed to living in service of a greater purpose than myself.  Making this world a better place through chiropractic excellence is part of that purpose.  I firmly believe that all chiropractors have the capability to improve people’s lives with the detection and correction of subluxation, and it is time to start getting paid appropriately for this significant contribution to the health of society.

If you are ready to be a significant chiropractor, realize your dreams, and make this world a better place, call me today and get started.