There are two types of chiropractic care,
Corrective Care & Relief Care.

What is the difference and
how do I explain this to my patients?

Chiropractors, take one hour of your time and watch this incredible free video compiled by Dr. Jon Baker of New Beginnings.
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In this video you will hear from 12 of the most successful DCs on the planet, each explaining in their own words the difference between Corrective Chiropractic Care and Relief Chiropractic Care and why one may be much more valuable than the other.

A special thanks to the following DCs for sharing your knowledge with the world!

Dr. Robert Gucciardo, Dr. David Barton, Dr. Nick Baker, Dr. Kyle Collins, Dr. Andrea Friese, Dr. Rick Means, Dr. Ray Drury, Dr. Lance Ingwersen, Dr. Jeffrey Ptak, Dr. Ian Rassel, Dr. Brian Herline, Dr. Luis Ocon


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-Dr. Jon Baker