Dr. Jon Baker


New Beginnings Chiropractic and Life Coaching was born in 1997 as a way for me to help Chiropractors who outwardly appeared to love serving patients and yet were often barely getting by financially, or even failing miserably. Interestingly enough within a year of one on one coaching, I was at my (predetermined) client capacity and accepted very few clients until about 2009 when some of my best clients were prepared to pay it forward and start helping other DCs. We have not coached thousands of clients because of two things 1) We are not generic and therefore not for everyone. You’ll know within a few minutes with us if we’re going to be a good match for you. 2) We don’t accept people we don’t believe we can help.

After 30 years of fabulous success in practice, I still believe that my success was and is a trained behavior. I opened 9 satellite clinics in the early 90s serving thousands of patients and that helped several DCs, their families and me prosper. “The joy of fellow Chiropractors achieving incredible success in their lives, marriages and practices has always been and still is priceless to me.” It’s such a blessing to have a trained talent that can be taught, shared and replicated by most Chiropractors with a passion for what we do.

A big part of our service is centered around the fact that over 30 years ago when I looked around I didn’t see much “light at the end of the tunnel” for almost all the highly successful DCs (much less the average ones) I studied. I didn’t see freedom — they were always working. I didn’t see a lot of vacation time — they were too busy trying to save the planet. I didn’t see prosperous retirements at early ages — they didn’t create multiple streams of passive income. I did see a lot of DCs who in their 40s or 50s started to resent their practices, resent managing staff, resent the actual process of running a business and often their families. I studied much smarter people and applied solutions to these (and many more) challenges we face. I learned years ago that the best decision is the right one, the second best decision is the wrong one and the worst decision of all – is indecision. I decided right then that if I could create solutions for these challenges then every Chiropractor deserved the answers, not just a chosen few.

Success is measured in many ways such as happiness, health, passive income, net worth, your relationship with your creator, your family and on and on. One such measurement in the business of Chiropractic is monthly collections. Often times when I’m introduced I hear people say “Dr. Baker coaches the most profitable DCs on the planet”. I believe this is true in all categories mentioned, however, when it comes down to monthly collections it’s very true. It is very common in our group to increase your monthly collections $16,000 to $30,000 per month in the first year. Every year for the past seventeen years, our top offices produce much more, with an average yearly collection increase in the $160,000 to $245,000 range. A DC in Michigan started with us in 2014 and his office collected $648,551 that year. That team then collected $1,327,960 in 2015, $1,682,898 in 2016, $1,847,200 in 2017 and $2,277,149 in 2018!!! This is an exceptional doctor with an incredible family. He had a very successful practice before joining our team and still grew massively in many more ways than just bottom line collections. It’s well known that how much you make is nowhere near as important as how much you keep. Which is one of the keys we teach to managing your money — teaching your money to work for you. If you’re interested call us today and we will teach you how to enjoy running your business and living your life instead of you being a servant to your business and not having a life!!!

Dr. Baker’s recent book release, Grandma and Grandpa’s Wisdom for a Healthy and Prosperous Life.

Description: Jon Baker and his three siblings were raised by a single mother. Theirs was a life of county programs, food stamps, and trailer parks until Jon was lucky enough to move in with his grandparents at age 13. His guidance counselor advised him that he was unlikely to amount to more than an hourly factory worker, if he didn’t end up in jail, but with his grandmother’s unconditional love and his grandfather’s firm direction, Jon went on to college and then graduate school. Grandma and Grandpa’s Wisdom for a Healthy and Prosperous Life compiles the simple lessons Jon learned from his grandparents and brings the reader back to the basics to show how to:

  • Reexamine the simplicity of what you already know about life and success and apply it;
  • Improve your mind and body in order to flourish;
  • Assess how and when to sit back and listen before acting;
  • Achieve your goals; and
  • Create freedom in your life!