Dr. Justin Brown


Dr. Brown graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa and became an Associate Doctor in Seattle, Washington. He spent two years learning under a veteran chiropractor, which was an extremely valuable experience that prepared him to open his own practice in Coral Springs, Florida (Friends and Family Spinal Care). He put in the hard work to grow his practice; going door-to-door, doing screenings, advertising, and holding patient events… but he knew he wanted to take his practice from average to outstanding and recognized that to achieve this he needed help. Throughout this journey he tried a variety of chiropractic conferences and coaching groups, yet he was searching for a more personalized approach to help accomplish his big vision. A friend advised him to get individual coaching through New Beginnings Chiropractic Life Coaching, and it changed his life.

Dr. Brown considers it an honor to have trained numerous associates who have gone on to become extremely profitable. He owns multiple practices and most importantly, has served thousands of patients through chiropractic.

“I can truly attest that NBCC launched my practice and my life to the next level, with limitless potential ahead!”

Dr. Brown is truly passionate about working with fellow chiropractors to help create a life of abundance. He has a deep desire to help chiropractors create a vision, design a customized plan, and personally coach them to achieve powerful life goals. He believes the personalized coaching, accountability, and the NBCC recipe offers proven steps for outrageous success!

Together we are on a mission to:
Serve More People, Work Less Hours, Make More Money, and Have More Fun!

“New Beginnings Chiropractic and Life Coaching enables chiropractors to get the individual, customized coaching they need to be abundant, personally and professionally. I am committed to coaching this winning philosophy to fellow chiropractors”.