Virtual Seminar

May 2nd, 2020

Download Seminar Booklet here:

Don’t Forget:

To help make this the best in-office seminar experience EVER, we want you to send us photos of your team training and watching the seminar. The offices who participate will be entered to win a special prize that will be awarded at the July 18-19th seminar in Denver. We want to see which office had the BEST seminar experience!


These videos are streaming from the internet, so please ensure a good internet connection for optimum viewing. If you have the ability to stream from a large screen, like a TV connected to the internet, it may enhance your view. You can also enter full screen mode directly from the videos.

Virtual Seminar: Part 1

Virtual Seminar: Part 2

Virtual Seminar: Part 3

Virtual Seminar: Part 4