New Beginnings Chiropractic and Life Coaching (NBCC) is a COMPLETE coaching program individualized to meet YOUR goals.

NBCC began over 20 years ago and was founded by Dr. Jon Baker who ran several successful cash practices for 30 years. Dr. Baker recently retired from practice so he could focus his attention on the bigger goal of helping to save Chiropractic through coaching more chiropractors to serve more people,
work less hours, make more money, and to have more fun!


  • FREE access to all NBCC seminars for DCs and staff
  • Access to our online training library- videos, documents, scripts, procedures, etc.
  • 24/7 access to your coach (YES REALLY!)
  • 2 Scheduled DC coaching calls per month
  • 2 Scheduled podcasts per month
  • Motivational Monday messages to head DCs cell phone


  • How to have fun in practice and in life
  • Building a CASH practice- Starting your own satellite office/offices
  • Creating passive income- ROF for lifetime care\
  • Financials that show value- How to motivate and retain staff
  • Incorporating bonus systems to benefit you and your staff
  • Philosophy of Chiropractic- Advertising/ New patient acquisition
  • New laws/regulations and how to work with them
  • Hiring or releasing staff – Scripts & Procedures for CAs and DCs
  • Setting and attaining office & personal goals

We have coached hundreds of clients, some who were already doing well but wanted to do even better, and others who were barely hanging on and now are running successful cash practices. We have a “recipe” but that recipe is different for everyone and customized for YOU.

Find out how New Beginnings One on One coaching can help you accelerate the growth of your practice and your life!

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